Our newest guest is a 2 for 1. We will have with us this year the amazing book publishers NoBrow Press. These guys are responsible for the HUGE hit, Hilda (which will start on Netflix in September!!) as well as Pantheon and Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City.

We’ll also have one of NoBrow’s amazing creators along for the ride, Hamish Steele. Hamish is the creator behind Pantheon and Deadendia.

NoBrow Interview

Give us a little background on NoBrow for those who don’t know you.

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year! We’ve been publishing comics and graphic novels and all kinds of picture books since 2008. We publish around 12 books a year under our Nobrow imprint and a further 25 books a year with our children’s brand Flying Eye Books. Our main HQ is in London, but we also have a small office in New York as we publish our books in the US too. We are always looking for new artists to publish!

You’ve had a HUGE success story with Hilda. How has that affected NoBrow?

It’s been amazing! To see Luke Pearson’s original Hildafolk 24 page comic grow to a full series and then become an animated TV show which will launch on Netflix this September is incredible. It’s pretty much what you dream of happening when you set up a comics publishing outfit. We’ve been working hard and by the end of the year we expect Hilda to be published in 20 different languages worldwide. It’s had an amazing effect on our business and allowed us to grow and invest in more titles and more comics.

How did Pantheon from Hamish Steele enter your radar?
We are friends with Hamish’s production company/agent and they showed us Hamish’s Kickstarter version of Pantheon. I read it in one sitting and howled with laughter all the way through – it entered my radar and proceeded to break it for a few hours, such is the power of this jumbo juggernaut of a comic book!

What are you currently working on/looking for?

Its hard to say exactly what we are looking for – we always know it when we see it… but we are looking for unique voices in comics, artists who can create an engaging narrative and bewitch readers – that’s what we want!

What will you have for us at NCC?

We will have Hamish Steele’s latest comic Deadendia, Nobrow 10 (our special anniversary edition), and loads of other recent titles (including all the Hilda’s in paperback so you can stock up on your collection!).


Hamish Steele – creator of NoBrow’s Pantheon

How did Pantheon come about?

I was reading about Egyptian mythology for an unrelated sci-fi comic but kept finding the myths way more enjoyable then the story I was writing. I did a rough, black and white adaptation of one of my favourite bits (“the box game scene”) and plonked it on Tumblr where it became my biggest post! I wanted to do a follow up, but as I continued reading, I ended up wanting to draw everything!

How did No Brow get involved?

I self-published a black and white version of the book and held onto it for a long time. I then got an agent for my animation work mostly, but asked him to pass the book onto Nobrow and it all happened so quickly. They seemed to take a liking to it straight away!

What are you working on next?

DeadEndia: The Watcher’s Test came out this year with Nobrow as well. It’s a very different book for a very different audience but it seems to be doing well. I’d love to continue that story and maybe one day tackle a different mythology in a Pantheon follow up. I’m always excited to do something brand new though.

What will you have for us at NCC?

As well as DeadEndia and Pantheon, I like to have smaller stuff on my table. I’ve collected my Twitter Bio Comics in a book and I love to make cheap, self-printed zines about everything from Paul Rudd, to Horses, Ghosts to Godzilla.

Make the most of the day and grab yourselves some amazing titles from these powerhouses of comics!

Don’t forget to get your tickets here and remember £1 f each adult ticket will be donated to our chosen charities for this year.