dredd_swalc002Greetings all. We have some amazing guests lined up for this year’s comic con and we’re starting with an absolutely awesome artist!

Returning to Nottingham this year is the man best known for Judge Dredd, Mars Attacks and (my favourite) Star Wars!

Welcome back John McCrea!!

John was busy signing and drawing at last year’s Nerd Fest and headed up a panel alongside Gary Erskine.

We asked John a couple of questions:

Nerdfest_Lo_TM-76Welcome back to Nottingham, how did you find last year’s Nerd Fest Comic Con?

I had a great time at Nerd Fest, plenty of people about and I was well looked after by my hosts!

What have you been up to since we saw you in Nottingham last October?

Finished off Mars Attacks Judge Dredd for IDW and jumped straight on to a 4 part Dredd for 2000ad written by my favourite Dredd scribe, the Mighty John Wagner! I’m also drawing the covers for IDW’s reprints of the classic Rogue Trooper issues, so quite a thrill to be enclosing such artists as the sublime Dave Gibbons and Colin Wilson.

210960_origBut I’ve just started work on a new on going book that I am very excited about and by the time the show rolls around there should be a good bunch of issues out- I can’t say more than that at the moment!

What can we expect from you at this year’s Nottingham Comic Con?

I’m having my teeth waxed and my hair polished so expect a shiny new me….plus comics.

Check out John’s website and catch him on twitter!