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Now on with our next quest, she is an expert in the British Manga scene and has had work published in numerous books and comics and is the creator of her own comic; Biomecha

Please welcome Laura Watton-Davies

How did you get into this drawing game?

I have always loved drawing! It gives me time out and I find working on art very grounding. My influences are vast, and included UK kid’s comics in the 80s, children’s TV shows, video games… Japanese comics and games hit hard in the 90’s and I was completely sold on the designs and narratives used in this exciting imported media as a teen. I was also encouraged to make my own comics, and was given access to a photocopier, went to some conventions and that was that really – comics for life.

LWD_01Can you tell us a little about your work within the UK Manga scene and how it’s changed over the years?

The scene started with fanzines at UK anime conventions, which featured comic art and illustrations about favourite games and titles translated at the time. There was a spate of original and inspired works in the late ‘90s, and in the 2000s the focus turned to webcomics. There was a bookshop-boom  in the late 2000s, which burst a little – we have seemingly gone full-circle back to publishing original works again, which is excellent because the digital printing options available to self-publishers is just immense, and everyone is mixing a huge range of influences found via digital and print media globally. It’s an exciting time to be making comics!

You work on your own comics as well as the bigger publisher owned stuff, can you tell us what Biomecha is all about?

LWD_02It is a long-running story about a teenage guy who is trying to work with his mechanical arms, the mishaps that happen because of their bad calibration, and stories about the new people he meets. It started as a tragicomedy – ultimately it is a story about living with problems that are not immediately obvious. I’m working on the final book, starting this year.

What are you currently working on (besides your Biomecha comic)?

I have just wrapped up some work on three books with two publishers. The work you will see details aspects of “how to draw” things, including details for big puffy evening gowns, how a character sits when they’re at the beach, etc. I get a lot of variety when asked to do such commissions, I’m never bored!

LWD_05What can we expect from you at this year’s NCC?

I’m definitely packing some cute and colourful posters, and I hope to have a little merchandise with me. I will certainly have books (starting with Biomecha Book 1). I will bring my pens in case anyone would like a commission, and also some extra cash to drop on other peoples’ works, too!

Make sure you stop by Laura’s table and pick up ALL of her books prints etc etc etc etc etc…