abslom daak 2 colours lo resWe were unable to get him to Nerd Fest last year, but thankfully this year we can present to you guest #11. A comic book writer and artist who has worked on a number of titles including Jersey Gods, Vandroid and Dr Who, please welcome:

Dan McDaid

As per usual we managed to pin him down and get some answers out of him!!

How did you get your big break in comics?

My big break happened in two weird phases: I submitted some samples to Doctor Who Magazine in 2007 and ended up writing and drawing a load of strips for them. And at the same, I entered a competition called Comic Book Idol, came third, but was noticed by writers with Image Comics, Oni Press and others. So I basically attacked on two fronts, and I’ve been pretty steadily employed since then. Nice one!

hotel 8What are you currently working on?

At this precise moment, I’m working on something I can’t talk about because it hasn’t been announced yet, and it’s not *quite* a done deal… but keep your eyes peeled for announcements in the next couple of weeks. I’m also doing more work with Joe (Catalyst Comix, Butcher Baker, Godland) Casey. And my partner and I are developing something cool of our own.

What advice would you give people wanting to get into making comics?

Make your own comics when you can, push at getting better and better, and don’t be shy. Ask for help, ask for a portfolio review, put yourself out there. It works!

What can we expect to see from you at NCC?

I’ll be there with pen and paper in hand, doing sketches and stuff. I’ll also have some of my comics, sketchbooks and a few sweet-ass prints, so stop by and say hello. I’m friendly!

vandroid 03


PLEASE visit Dan’s website for more awesome artwork and come pick up some sketches and books from him in October (gonna be an expensive day 😉 ).

Have you bought your tickets yet?!?!?!?!? GO GET THEM NOW!!!