P3colourWe’re so pleased and honoured that so many awesome guests have agreed to join us this year, we have doubled the amount we had at last year’s Nerd Fest and we’re so very excited and humbled that they’ll all be joining us this year!

Here’s guest number 12!

Her artwork is a joy to look at and her comic book work fun with a painterly aesthetic.

Please welcome Verity Glass to Nottingham!

10CoverRevisedweb.pngHow did you get into art and comics?

I moved from portraiture into comics while I was studying literature & language (oddly); I want to be Sargent but I also want to tell a story with more than one image.

How did the Dr Who gig come about?

My name was put forward (during what I can only assume is the publishing equivalent of clearing) by Owen Johnson, who I worked with on a small-press anthology previously and who is a fantastic writer in his own right.

What are you currently working on?

I’m going between illustrating a steampunk horror series with Kevin Gill and a graphic novel set around the Falklands War with Lizzie Boyle, both of which are exciting and a long way from being finished.

dreadnaughtmonstercWhat do you have planned for NCC?

I’ll have some new comics to sell by October (which will actually be the first time I’ve had anything new to offer book-wise all year) and I’m hoping to do sketch commissions, depending on how much time I have to sit down and ignore people.

We’re very excited to have Verity with us this year, make sure you pay her a visit!!

Grab yourself a ticket or two. They will be available on the door (if we haven’t sold out that is!!), BUT at a higher price, so get them now! Remember £1 of every standard ticket sold will go to our selected charities.

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