We still have a few guests lined up for this year’s NCC and we’re currently planning on a few fun things for the day!

Here’s guest number 14, a returnee and another Nerd Fest survivor! Our in-house Beano artist, Steve Beckett!

tomato splats artwork-clipHow has work been since the last NCC?

I’m getting a lot more interest in my work since the last NCC. I have work lined up with 4 more publishers. I’m waiting for scripts to ping into my inbox for a forthcoming comic series based on a licensed film property. As usual it’s all top secret.

pup-parade-halfpage-1What are you currently working on?

A brand new series for The Beano, rebooting a duo from the archives and some character designs for a new children’s book series. I am also writing and drawing puzzles and features for the Beano and Amazing Magazine and I’ve not long finished drawing the endpapers for the new Dandy book.

What would you say to anyone wanting to get into making comics for kids, or comics in general?

More original comics for kids are needed. If you’ve got an idea that excites you don’t be afraid to show it off. Having some work published online or in a fanzine helps show you’re dedicated and serious about what you want to do. Just be sure you can work quickly and to a consistent standard before approaching an editor of a comic. Deadlines are always tight! If you want to work in children’s comics, I find it helps if you can write your own stuff.


3rd year at NCC, what can we expect from you this year?

I’ll be sketching stuff and hopefully showing off some of the new projects I’ll be working on over the next few months. I might even have some stuff to sell. And there are rumblings that I might be running a quick crash course in comic creating!

We’ll definitely try to sort out Steve’s crash course this year, we’ll keep you informed! In the mean time make sure you save some pocket money for some of Steve’s awesome work.