It’s a busy week this week and a lot is happening, including Free Comic Book Day and our Ticket Launch Day Saturday 2nd May at Forbidden Planet International, Nottingham. Find out more here.

WJC.TankGirlAND now we have yet another guest to add to our ever growing list. He’s worked on the new 21st Century Tank Girl as well as the British Comic Award Nominated ‘Dangeritis. A Fistful of Danger’ and is currently working on Gungle for Blank Slate Books. please welcome the unique drawing style of Warwick Johnson-Cadwell.

How did you get into this drawing lark?

It’s something i have always done and am always likely to do, it’s great and I love it a lot. I`d like to make a better business from it as it has to fit in as part of a load of job hopping  that I need to do.

How did your work on Tank Girl come about?

Alan Martin introduced himself to me on FB a few years ago saying he liked my work, I told him I loved his and that was it for a year or so. Then the Tank Girl FB page put out a ‘Call to Artists’ post. I put a couple of links up and got the gig. It was for the 4 issue Solid State Tank Girl. I was dead happy to be involved again for 21st Century Tank Girl, the Kickstarted project. It will be in issue form this summer, so hopefully at NCC.

Really love seeing your work on Gungle. Can you explain a little about it and when we can get our hands on the book?


Thank you. Gungle started several years ago now. It’s not a story as such but a portal into a imaginary jungle world where we observe the residents and their activities. Blank Slate Books have exceeded normal human levels of patience waiting for me to wrangle this book which has changed shape, size and content over the last 5 years. The book gets put

on hold by varying circumstances and threatens to become something of a lifes work. And by that I mean, sometimes I think it might kill me. It is my job this year, so will accompany me in some form or other to shows this year, ideally finished but that will be the winter no doubt.


What can expect to see from you at this year’s NCC?

I’ll have Dangeritis and my current 2015 Collected Views book at NCC. I will have Gungle ‘progress’ as I expect to be able to display updates on that project this year. 21st Century Tank Girl will be out in issue form as will the ’24 by 7′ Collected 24hr comic anthology published by Fanfare. I hope to have new self published work and an as yet unannounced project but Gungle is the goal.

Very excited to personally pick up a book or 2 from WJC, make sure you do too!!