Dredd-on-wayWe’re getting so excited for this year’s NCC and we still have a load of good stuffs coming your way!

Including a new guest. Please welcome an artist known for his work on Transformers and 200AD. The very awesome Jeff Anderson!

How did you start out in art?

I have always drawn as long as I can remember, it was the only thing I was interested in, that and comics.  All the way through school I wanted to go to art college.  In a moment of weakness my parents let me go and here we are.

Tranformers-CoversHow did you get the gig on Judge Dredd?

I went along with my portfolio to Fleetway offices and came away with a Future Shock. After a number of these I got offered a go at Dredd, unfortunately I couldn’t do the first story I was offered as I was in the middle of a Transformers script.  But I got another chance.

Dredd-face-copyWhat are you currently working on?

I am just on with the final edits of an adaptation of the New Testament I have drawn and scripted. First time I’ve done this and let anyone see!  The whole thing took the best part of a year.  Its out in all good bookshops in October.  Apart from that I am doing a lot of educational books.

What property would you love to work on if asked?

I don’t know really.  As long as I am busy and working it can be anything.

What can we expect to see from you at this year’s NCC?

I’ll have some prints and I am also available for sketches and a cup of tea.  Look forward to seeing you there!


We look forward to seeing Jeff this year and picking up some of his amazing work!