Dan-Berry-portrait-e1375258460228Announcing this year’s second guest, please welcome the very awesome Dan Berry!!

Dan is the creator of the comic The Suitcase (published by Blank Slate Books), among others, as well as lecturer of comics at Glyndwr University. He also produces the very awesome podcast Make it Then Tell Everybody

carry me.inddFor those who don’t know you or your work can you explain a little about how you came to work in comics?

I grew up reading kids comics like Asterix, Tin Tin, The Dandy & Beano. As a teenager I drifted away, they seemed difficult to get into if you didn’t already know a lot of back story. After I’d left school I wanted to be a film maker. I’ve always wanted to tell stories. After a series of pretty terrible jobs, I went to university to study design in my early 20s. I got interested in comics again after reading a bunch of books like Jimmy Corrigan, Watchmen and Palestine and started drawing short comic strips. I made some mini comics and I used to go into book shops and put them into books that I liked. After studying for a masters where I was exploring interactive narratives and comics, I applied for a job teaching comics at the North Wales School of Art & Design, where I’ve worked ever since. A lot of working in comics seems to be not stopping making comics, so I’ve just not stopped making comics.

suitcase_coverHow did The Suitcase come about?

Kenny Penman from Blank Slate got in touch and asked if I had any ideas I’d like to pitch. I had the rough idea for a dark comedy about three interconnected stories about urban myths.

Love the podcast Make it Then Tell Everyone, what inspired you to start making it and how did you get such amazing guests?

Lizz Lunney asked me to host a couple of panel discussions at the Birmingham Zine Festival in 2012. I recorded those first panels and put together the podcast. Since then I’ve tried to record one interview a week. The people I’ve been asking to talk to have been very generous with their time and knowledge.

What can people expect to see from you at this year’s Nottingham Comic Con?

Suitcase_12 copyBooks! I’ll have copies of The Suitcase, Hey You!, Throw Your Keys Away and my latest book Carry Me from Great Beast comics.

Check out Dan’s work  and listen to his amazing podcast.

Tickets are now available, have you got yours?

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