Things are charging along at a great pace here at NCC and what better way to start the week than for us to announce our third guest at this year’s con?

Porcekain Page - example1smlPlease welcome the HUGELY talented Mr Christian Wildgoose! Despite having an awesome name, he can draw a bit…

True Grit - CoverHow did you get your start in comics?

My first official break into comics was with The official promo comic for the True Grit movie [Go read it here, it’s AWESOME]. This was a right sketch seen by the right person kind of luck. Then just about over a year later my first creator owned book “Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale ” with writer Benjamin Read came out through our co founded imprint Improper Books.

How did Porcelain come about?

I Met Writer Benjamin Read (The Writer of Porcelain) a good few years back on the set of a film he’d written. We hit it off pretty quickly with our mutual love of similar comics and films and fairytale goodness and so we left the set with a vow to create some comics together.

Porcelain - Cover

A couple of years later and we started to get down seriously with Porcelain. Ben gave me a few story options he was mulling over and we both decide Porcelain was the one we wanted to get on with and here we are now!

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m actually working on the sequel to Porcelain titled “Bone China” it’s the second of three books planned for our Porcelain series thanks to the book being picked up by Delcourt we’ve had the means to carry on the story and i’m having an absolute blast.

Porcekain Page - example1Myself and Ben also have another book coming out very soon titled “Briar”  this is the first in a limited series which is us at our deepest fairy tale loving core. Full of Knights, Monsters and princesses but as ever with our stories nothing is quite what it seems and before you know it the books is heading in some over wild direction! so don’t expect the most gallant of knights or any normal kind of princesses!

What can we expect to see from you at NCC?

Hopefully Briar Book 1 should be in it’s printed form so I should be selling copies of that along with our other books such as Porcelain and Butterfly Gate. Also Bone China should also hopefully be officially announced so I may be allowed to show some previews or sneak peeks of that. Also as ever any sketch requests and general nattering is always more than welcome so please stop by or bop me on the head if I look like I’m drawing too much!

Check out all of Chris’s work and don’t forget to stop by his table in October!!

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