HB__FegredoThe guests are coming thick and fast at the minute! Time for number 4…Please welcome the very awesome Mr Duncan Fegredo!

What was your “big break”?

That depends what you mean by big break. Every small step can take you higher up the ladder of perceived success, but it’s entirely a matter of viewpoint. Working for DC comics early on was a big step but it was working with writers like Grant Morrison and in particular Peter Milligan that made the difference. Sometimes the only way to instigate real leaps is by making a move, and moving from DC’s Vertigo imprint to work with Mike Mignola on Hellboy was a huge deal for me personally and changed perception of me as an artist. Working with Darren Aronofsky on Noah was revelatory for me, I’ve always had a desire to work in film, but it means little to my audience in comics other than my absence from the shelves! I’m hoping that MPH with writer Mark Millar will be another step up that ladder, it means co ownership and potential for much more. Either way I’m pleased with the work.  A bit convoluted , I know, but it all depends on your point of view!

MPH_03_CMYK_FINALHow did you get the gig on Hellboy?

I’d been working on a book for VERTIGO, the first issue was partially inked and some layouts for the second issue completed. Late one night I got an email from Dark Horse editor Scott Allie asking if I was available to chat… I kind of knew what it was about, even though it was impossible…. intuition or more likely wishful thinking on my part, but it turned out I was right! I chatted with both Scott and Mike Mignola that night, to say I was excited was an understatement. But there was the issue of the Vertigo book… I had two options, the first being I could finish the Vertigo seres and hump on to Hellboy after, but that would mean they would have to find another artist to draw the first of the three volumes they were proposing. I found that unacceptable, as a fan of Hellboy I didn’t want to see it fragmented by too many artists and I had this odd idea that if Mike wasn’t going to draw it then I would f**k it up less than anybody else! This wasn’t ego, I just felt I could do it, somehow. So I took the second option, I left the Vertigo book and p****d a few people off. I wasn’t happy about that, I’d never jumped ship before and did not like disappointing the folk involved, but working with Mike on Hellboy was not something I could turn down, I really had no option.

MPH_05_CMYK_FINALWhat are you currently working on?

Aside from a few covers and thinking about new ways of working, not much. Whilst drawing MPH I experienced increasingly poor vision thanks to a fast developing cataract in my right eye, it really made things quite difficult at times but I put off surgery until I’d finished drawing the book. Just as well I drew MPH digitally or I really would have found it next to impossible. So now I’m waiting on surgery and weighing my options.

What can we expect from you at NCC?

Clearer eyesight I hope!

Hoping that Duncan’s sight is sorted soon!!! Make sure you come pick up all kinds of goodies from him in October! And in the mean time take a look at his site.