KingsWatch03-Cov-LamingThe guests are coming through thick and fast this year and we have yet another…and one that is another returnee.

Welcome back the very prolific and awesome Marc Laming!

We had to find out what Marc has been doing with himself since last October…

For those who weren’t with us last year, can you give us a brief overview of how you got into comics.

I started working in comics in 1990 almost straight after my illustration degree show. The writer of Doc Chaos & Captain Britain, David Thorpe had seen my show and must have seen something there because he gave me a call and we worked together for a short while on a project called the Gene Police. For whatever reason the book didn’t happen and I went to work for comics superstore Stateside comics. While there Peter Hogan, the then editor of Revolver, saw my work and commissioned a short piece that ended up in their Romance Special. The editorial staff at Revolver were great and really guided me through my first job, sadly though the bottom fell out of the market and the title folded.

KingsWatch05-08My next foray into comics came five years later when, with writer Martin Shipp, we self published Six Degrees & Gyre. Whilst they were critical successes they made no real money and it became clear I needed to get together sample pages that DC or Marvel might want to buy. I did as many shows and US conventions as I could afford until in 1999 I got a call out of the blue from Shelly Bond at Vertigo offering me work on The Dreaming and off the back of that the ongoing series American Century with Howard Chaykin & David Tischman.


What have you been working on since we saw you last October?

I’ve been working with the excellent Jeff Parker on Dynamite’s Kings Watch, drawing covers for the new Flash Gordon series that spins out of Kings Watch. Doing more covers for the Splinter Cell GN. Contributing to Rachel Deering & IDW’s huge horror anthology In The Dark. Working with Alex DiCampi on her Dark Horse book Grindhouse and drawing All New Invaders for Marvel Comics – I’ve been pretty busy as you can see!

What have you got lined up for this year’s NCC?

The same as last year really, maybe a new sketch book, prints & post cards and I’ll be doing some sketching/commissions and selling artwork. I shall also be chewing bubble gum & kicking ass and I’m all out of gum… 😉

If you were unable to get a commission from Marc last year, here’s your chance to rectify that!! Also pick up his new sketch book and prints.