BoneChina_coverOur first returning guest to this year’s con, is that HUGELY talented artist of the amazing book Porcelain – Chris Wildgoose!

How did you find NCC 2014 and what have you been doing since?

NCC was easily one of the best cons of the year last year, good vibes, good people and I couldn’t have felt more at home if I tried.
Since then I’ve been beavering away at getting Bone China finished and have dipped into small jobs for Vertigo and here and there so it’s been pretty busy lately.

CMYK 2CMYK 2Porcelain book 1 was phenomenal! When will the sequel be available and what’s it about?

So as I’m typing I’m literally on the last bunch of pages for Bone China, so It should be completed and off to the printers pretty soon. I’m hoping it should be ready and in the hands of readers by October!

The brief story of Bone China is Child from Porcelain book 1 has now become a fully fledged Lady, inheriting the wealth, knowledge and has surpassed the skills of Uncle. The Porcelain are now in high demand by the city’s military and Lady now finds herself caught in a struggle of Love and war.  The first book was very contained as we didn’t leave the walls of Uncle’s house and grounds, now In Bone China we go all over the city we had a glimpse of in the opening page of Porcelain. And so we also have a whole new cast of characters that live within the city. Ben has written a beautiful, beautiful sequel and I whole heartedly think readers who loved book 1 will love this. We’ve really thrown our blood sweat and tears into this to make it a worthy follow on…. Though obviously I would say that!

Is there a property you’d love to work on?

Gah! Lots. It’s always been a childhood dream to work on Spider-man and I’m so Into Ultimate Spider-man these days, I want to draw teenage spiderman having fun in New york so bad! but I think something like American Vampire or BDRP would be right up my street as they are the perfect mix of folk lore and horror which I love to get my hands on.

CMYKWhat will you have for us at NCC 2015?

I’m hoping Bone China and Briar will be out come October so I’m hoping I have a whole new body of work for people to have a good read of. Also I’m aiming to have a new print or even a set of prints ready.

Looking forward to getting our hands on more of Chris’s work! Make sure you pick up his books!!