The sixth guest artist for this year’s Nottingham Comic Con is…

Marc Ellerby.


Marc is the creator of a number of comics, including Ellerbisms and Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter as well as co-creator of Great Beast Comics.

His work has been featured in The Beano, Kerrang! Magazine, The Communication Trust, I Can, Wired Magazine, Atlantic Records, Truck Festival,  Image Comics, Oni Press, Boom! Studios, Drowned In Sound, Hype Machine and more.

We managed to steal a few minutes of his time for one or two questions…

0-1Tell us how you got into comics?

I was really into cartoons as a kid (well, I still am) and I used to draw and copy characters from TV shows and video games – I’ve always been attracted to bright, stylised cartoony drawings so going from watching cartoons to reading comics was a natural progression. I would doodle characters from The Beano when I was in school and come up with my own X-Men covers when I was a teenager but I started “seriously” drawing comics at university, after getting into a lot of the Top Shelf and Oni Press books that came out in the early 00’s.

ellerbisms-cover-webWhich of your line up of comics are you most proud of and why?

Ack! What a question! I love my comics equally but for different reasons. I think Ellerbisms is the best thing I’ve ever done; it’s my single biggest piece of work and I’m immensely proud of the last 15 pages especially – I looked over it again the other day and was genuinely shocked that I managed to achieve what I set out to do! And for a lot of people Ellerbisms is all they’re interested in, but I think Chloe Noonan is such a fun comic to work on and the fan reaction is crazy supportive. I’ll just doodle her grumpy ginger face and get a little pang in my heart, I don’t think I’m as happy as when I’m drawing that character and that world.

Tell us a little about how and why you started Great Beast Comics.

I started Great Beast Comics with Adam Cadwell in 2012 because we thought there was a lack of fun, poppy, cartoony comics being published by the UK comics industry. It’s our aim to help creators who are otherwise ignored by the mainstream publishers put out professional books and reap all the financial reward.

goshfinalWhat will you have lined up for Nottingham Comic Con 2014?

The usual selection of fine comics, prints, apparel and original art.

Stop by Marc’s table and grab yourselves a book or two from him in October!

Have you got your tickets for this year’s event yet? We’ll be announcing another guest this week, and remember that £1 of even standard ticket sold will be donated to our chosen charities!
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