cumuluscloudycoverHere’s our 8th guest for this year’s Nottingham Comic Con and we’re very excited and honoured to announce him…

Please welcome a man who’s artwork has been featured in The NME, the Guardian, Q, plus a whole lot more and is now a part of the team bringing back Tank Girl…

Jonathan Edwards!

We managed to get a few questions off to him:

Love your style of work, how did you get started in comics and illustration?

Thank you, I studied illustration in art college and despite the protests of art college lecturers I was always interested in drawing comics. My first illustration commission was with the co-writer of Terry Gilliam’s Jabberwocky, Charles Alverson, when I was still a teenager. It was a pitch for a children’s book that sadly never happened. My first comics appearance was in Deadline magazine back in 1993 when I was 21 and my first commissioned illustration was in the Radio Times the same month. My meeting for Deadline was on a staircase at (the late lamented) UKCAC convention in London and my meeting for the Radio Times was in a lift and lasted the duration of the journey from the top floor to the lobby! Not the most salubrious start to a career.


You have an impressive client list, and personally I love your “Pop” strips. How did that gig come about with NME?

The NME were looking for a new strip and I was recommended by a journalist who used to read my pop star one-pagers in Deadline back in the 90s. My ideal work is a combination of pop culture (ideally music) and comics/illustration so it was perfect for me. If I can combine an obscure Beatles reference with tenuous joke then I’m happy!

TGloWhat are you currently working on?

The most exciting project for me at the moment is 21st Century Tank Girl. Jamie Hewlett is back drawing Tank Girl again after almost 20 years and him and Alan Martin have picked a supporting cast of artists and I’m one of them along with Philip Bond,  Jim Mahfood, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Brett Parsons and Craig Knowles. I was originally approved to draw Tank Girl back in 1996 but it was cancelled before I got the chance. It’s been a long 18 year wait! Apart from that I’ll be contributing another strip to the kids horror comic “Boo!”, curated by Paul Harrison-Davies and Andrew Waugh, and hopefully starting work on my Inspector Cumulus book which I’ve been talking about for years!  I also work a lot with my partner, Louise, who works under the name Felt Mistress. I design characters which Louise then makes in 3D using a variety of fabrics and materials. We’ve got quite a few high profile jobs on at the moment which we can’t talk about yet but one of them is definitely of interest to comics fans.

What can we expect to see from you in October?

Maybe a sneaky look at my Tank Girl pages and hopefully a new book of some description. I’ll also have copies of my previous books including “Pop!” and plenty of prints of my work. Maybe some originals for sale too. Looking forward to it!

Get some of Jonathan’s awesome artwork in October and a book or two!

We’ll have another guest for you this week PLUS the first of our bands…

Go get your tickets for this year’s event yet! Remember, £1 of every standard ticket sold will be donated to our chosen charities!
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