Dr WhoWe have a great line up of guests so far and we’re really honoured to have each one! Now let’s add to that awesome list with our latest guest, a Dr Who regular – Adrian Salmon.

How did you get into drawing comic books and what was your “big break”?

My first break was with the Judge Dredd Megazine. The editor David Bishop hired me to draw a six part story called Skinner featuring PSI Judge Karyn. I remember being so nervous that after I’d only drawn a mere three pages I had to take those in to show David. Thankfully he liked them and so began a fruitful association with the Meg in which I drew another Karyn story , a series called Deathwatch and Cabal as well as sundry other bits and bobs. It was a baptism of fire!

Judge Karyn SKINNERHow did you get in to drawing Doctor Who?

I’d always been a fan of the show since I was a boy. I had no specific ideas that I wanted to draw just Dr Who comics when starting out as a comics artist but after the success at the Megazine I decided to do up some samples in a similar blocky style to show Dr Who Magazine. I did a three page Patrick Troughton sample strip where the Doctor met the Master and a Tenth Planet Cyberman illustration! I’d previously approached the magazine a year or so before and was told to return with something *new looking* by editor Gary Russell. My new style felt *new* so I made an appointment. Gary liked what he saw and initially commissioned some Yearbook illustrations off me because he felt my work too extreme for the main strip. By chance he a synopsis in the office for a new strip he was considering called The Cybermen. It ran for twenty four parts ( a page a month) like the 1960s Dalek strip. I did a sample and got the job and my association with DWM has continued to this day!

The FacelessYou produced The Faceless: A Terry Sharp Story, do you have any more personal projects you’re working on, or would like to work on?

The Faceless : A Terry Sharp Story was very much a labour of love. My first creator owned strip with Robert Tinnell as writer . We got to indulge in our love of British horror films and ITC adventure series. We saw it broadly as The Saint meets The Devil Rides Out! We still plan to finish the rest of Terry’s story when our schedules again collide! At the moment I’m working on a new creator owned strip with writer Ben Dickson set in the first year of the Roman invasion of Dacia. A small band of soldiers get trapped in an ancient fortress and are besieged by an ancient evil. The script is exceptional and I’m finally getting around to working on it after being ill all last year.

What are you currently working on?

I’m expecting a new story to draw for Dr Who Magazine soon.

What can we expect from you at NCC?

Just being there is going to be great. After being treated for cancer last year I’ve not been out. Treatment went well and I’m feeling much more my old self. I’ll be bringing along copies of The Faceless , original art of various kinds and hope to draw a few sketches and sign some autographs.:)


I really hope you’re saving plenty of cash for October!! Make sure you pick up Adrian’s work at NCC.