We have another guest to announce this week (been a busy week so far…).


Please welcome back the one and only Beano artist extraordinaire Steve Beckett.

Welcome back. How did you find last year’s Nerd Fest Comic Con?
Nerd Fest last year was great fun. There was a really friendly crowd. It was great to speak to Beano readers both past and present!
I really enjoyed meeting Garen Ewing and doing our Q&A panel together.  I hope I didn’t waffle too much!

Bee-ToonsWhat have you been doing since we saw you in October last year and what are you currently working on?
I’m pleased to say I’ve been really busy both writing and drawing comics and features for The Beano and several other magazines.
I’m currently working on The 2016 Beano and Dandy Annuals and also creating a brand new strip for a brand new kids weekly mag!
Can’t reveal what it is just yet though but it’s based around a well known licensed property.

What have you got in store for us at this year’s event?
I’m hoping to do some sketching for folk and I may have some prints to sell. I’m also going to be doing one of my crash courses in comic creating!
So I hope lots of people come and join in with that.


If you’d like to attend Steve’s Crash Course in Creating Comics, keep ’em peeled here for further news and how you can sign up!

Also make sure to pick up some of Steve’s artwork in October!

Go get your tickets for this year’s Comic Con and remember, £1 of every standard ticket sold will be donated to our chosen charities!
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