2000-AD-LOGOMorning all. A little update or you. We can unveil a NEW guest to this year’s NCC in the form of an INSTITUTION!

Announcing the presence of the one and only 2000 AD! For those unfamiliar with this British Powerhouse, shame on you, but here’s a little press release from the guys at 2000 AD themselves:

2000 AD is pleased to announce that it has added Nottingham Comic Con to its convention list for 2015.

The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic will be touching down in the centre of Nottingham on Saturday 24th October for the one-day show at Nottingham Conference Centre.

cameron-stewart-meg-cover-2a1d82000 AD will be accompanied by some of the great artists from the comic, including former art droids Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy) and Roger Langridge (Fred the Clown) [as well as a couple more yet to be announced].

It’s the first time the legendary weekly anthology has attended the show and will be coming to Nottingham loaded with Thrill-power thanks to the latest graphic novel collections and merchandise, as well as helping the show raise money for selected charities!

Michael Molcher from 2000 AD said: “This will be our first time at Nottingham Comic Con and we’re looking forward to bringing a mighty dose of 2000 AD Thrill-power to the city – we’re the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and with our Thrill-packed booth Nottingham is going to be positively pulsing with comics goodness!”


So get familiarised with the comic now, if for some strange reason you aren’t yet, and prepare yourselves for the 2000 AD invasion come October!!

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