This is a special addition to our lineup. We have to keep you all on your toes and bring you awesomeness for you all to come and visit and enjoy, so here’s another guest.

for con1Introducing a man with a multitude of talents, HuwJ Davies!

How did you get started in comics?

I guess my earliest recollections were as a kid getting frustrated with the cliff hanger aspect of comic books having to wait a full 30 days just blew my mind so I started writing and drawing my own conclusions to the stories. This translated much later when studying at UCLA ( I was doing a PHD on loan from the USAF). I was fast tracked and given a full scholarship, however, they didn’t give me much by way of pocket money and I took illustration work on to survive. This included some studio assistant work where i did a lot of ‘’Ghosting’’ for other artists in comics which was my first foray into getting into comics themselves. A lot of artists especially in Japan use studio rats and we didn’t get recognition or amazing pay but it was a great learning curve. I was lucky to get work of various types on funny books, from inking, penciling and layout through to full ghosting.  The most important thing though was learning all those different styles, especially from some of the US based Japanese artists and books, like Minoru Nonaka’s space Sherif Gavan.  From there I also started working in movies and animation and  learned a helluva lot there. I was blessed to be in the right parties with the right people and have worked as a storyboard artist, a concept designer, costume / armour / effects designer, animation twiner, key animation director, writer and studio head to name a few. My career has been quite mercurial but the main constant has been the art.

While working on concept art for marvel (for Spider-man’s original Clone Saga if I remember right ) I was at a comic con minding my own business when my editor came over and noted my anatomy needed tweaking a bit so he set up, what he thought would be a hoot, 2 months at a morgue drawing and handling cadavers, but that was Ralph Machio for you.

con4What have been your greatest achievements?

Easy Answer … not dying doing stunt work/physical effects tests!
Longer answer… I don’t see things in that way. I get to do stuff that I love doing, so whether I have been rich or poor I have and always will keep doing it. Until I physically am unable to.

We hear you worked on the Ang Lee Hulk movie (my personal favourite Hulk film!), what role did you have on the film?

My film work varies from directing for green screen  and designing effects, to concept art/storyboarding. I was trained by Ron Shelton as a director and producer and cut my teeth with him on films like Hollywood Homicide  & Bad Boys2. Through Ron and his mentorship I was put under the direct hand of Stan Winston and the Winston Studios where I learned to craft effects and direct for green screen. This was where I got involved with Multiple Productions working on the Matrix Trilogy and Jurassic Park movies through to working with Ang over at ILM on the Hulk. I was predominantly involved in the green screen work but to my shame had a part to play in the idea of a Gamma Poodle.  I stand by the Hulk as a movie, my only real issue was the ending which I felt was too surreal. It was originally intended to frame a smash em up battle as the ending but Ang was having difficulty with producers and it ended up being changed to the blob thing we saw.

What other productions have you been involved in?

Again where do I start …
One of the problems I face in the Industry is that I am one of the “unmentionables”, a non union player. So while I am a known commodity in the industry my name rarely sees the light of day on other producers projects (unless they sneak it up there with a false last name  so you will often see HuwJ followed by Evans or Jones). It’s not all bad though I get a better non regulated pay scale and I can jump from production to production like a ninja! I’ve worked on too many to mention here but a few gems maybe,  Daredevil, Matrix 2&3, a couple of the Potter movies, Disney’s Tarzan was possibly one of my favourites personally, along with AstroBoy and Terminator Salvation. Also Tv Shows like Animaniacs,  Bruce Timm’s Batman, Jackie Chan Adventures & a few Deep space 9 and Stargate Atlantis Episodes and even an Alice Cooper Legacy Music video Concert in Holographic 3D.

In comics:
I brought Garth back to the Daily Mirror with a run online that re ignited the old strips to be colored and reprinted, which now spins off from the original in the form of  Captain Garth Freeman Of the Armed Services. I also wrote (am Writing) The Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures. I still work behind the scenes, both writing and drawing for various production houses like Wetta and Fox and I am the creator of the Turds™ / Joe Turds Turd World™,  which started in Nottingham over a decade ago and did very well until I left due to creative issues, and am now reviving in both figurine toy merchandise, Graphic Novel , and  both CG and Traditional Animation Form.

I also Lecture and teach using Comics and Media  as a platform.

con3What are you currently working on?

I am currently building up our new studios which will be based in Nottingham’s Historical Giltbrook Studios and my personal studio in Kyoto Japan.  One side of our studio concentrates on movie and commercial filming specializing in green screen for holographics as well as other content. We spent last year creating the show that accompanied the FIFA world Cup Tour of nearly 200 countries in leading to Brazil, this included animation and live film. The other half of the studio creates  IP for animation and education as well, including the afore mentioned Smelly Brown Smurf like characters as well as a plethora of others.

I am currently writing a 6 part Shazam story with Jeff Johnson at the artistic helm (Young Justice/multiple Dc Animated Movies) and a possible Sgt Rock/Unknown Soldier charity comic with DC as well.  I have some personal projects on the burn as well, Freeman/Tally Ho/Pyrotechnix/Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures and Van Helsing to name a few.

The Joe Turds Turd World™ / the Turds™ project is taking up a lot of time at the moment as well to be fair, as it involves writing, drawing & directing  the media aspects and overseeing the licensing and merchandising side of it. It’s a primary focus of the studio at the moment.

What can we expect from you at NCC?

Lots of coffee flavoured conversation and sketches for the fans coming in.
I don’t go to the cons to sell my stuff, and unless its a particularly involved commission, I don’t charge for my sketches and even those odd occasions that I do, I don’t charge the earth, or get them to buy a book instead and the sketch comes free.

I do bring merch and art for sale but that’s only there in case someone really wants something (and keep it quiet but I often give away stuff to deserving fans)…

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