Evening. We’re so close to the big day we can almost taste it!!

We firstly just wanted to let everyone know, if you didn’t already, that Dan McDaid is unable to make it this year. We hope he has a great year and that he can make it for 2015!

BUT the good news. We still have awesome raffle goodies coming in. 100% of raffle sales will be donated to our 3 chosen charities so please come along and have a go. You can win some amazing prizes, including…


The amazing sci-fi, suspense, all ages Adamsville Book 1: The Unknowns Graphic Novel by HUGELY talented Michael Regina as well as an original Killer Croc piece! Check out Adamsville online and get your mitts on Michael’s other work!

PLUS we have 2 free tickets worth £20 donated by the awesome Screen 22 in Nottingham.
You can go see The Monster Squad!



So make sure you get down to the con on Saturday and buy some raffle tickets, you never know what you could win!