Evening all. As we get closer to the big day (less than 1 month to go…) and things begin to slot into place, we keep reminding ourselves of one of the main reasons we started this little fun event…we want to raise a ton of money for charity!

The charities we’ll be supporting this year are:





And how you ask are we doing that? Firstly with every standard ticket sold we’ll be donating £1 PLUS we’ll also be having our annual charity raffle. This has been a huge success both previous years and we’re hoping for more of the same this year.

We’ll have signed comics, art prints, original artwork, plus a whole lot more, from a wide range of very generous people!

mantic-marsattacks11349074_10153002420076780_307389370_n-2One thing we will be giving away is from Mantic Games. They have kindly donated their Mars Attacks miniatures tabletop game PLUS exclusive Topps cards and extra miniatures PLUS signed Mars Attacks comics Vols 1 & 2 – both signed by the writer John Layman.

Make sure you pick up your tickets and on the day enter the raffle. You could win some awesome prizes, PLUS you’ll be helping out 3 VERY worthy charities. (for those who have been asking, yes you can buy tickets on the day – IF there are any left – BUT at a slightly higher price of £10. So best to get them now!!)

Also if you’d like to donate to our raffle please let us know!

Thanks so much!!