It is time for me to tell you about the second charity we will be supporting through this year’s event.

The charity is not a well known one and it’s a hard post to write as the reason we’ve become aware of it is due to very sad circumstances.

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-Untitled200-e1392894013105So, please allow me to introduce you to our next charity……….The Marfan Trust.

The Marfan Trust is the only UK charity that funds medical research so that more is known about Marfan syndrome and its management.  Marfan syndrome is an inherited disorder of the body’s connective tissue that affects can affect literally anyone; any gender and any race.

Marfan-babyIn December 2013 we lost a friend to the Syndrome and this is how we became aware of The Marfan Trust. She was a wonderful lady who fought hard as she went through several heart surgeries. One of the bravest, most inspirational ladies we’ve met, who unknowingly had an impact on so many lives.

The Marfan Trust has three main objectives:

1. To fund medical research projects that aim to aid the diagnosis and treatment of Marfan syndrome patients.

2. To provide educational literature on Marfan syndrome and all its aspects to the medical profession and the general public, thus raising awareness of the condition.

show_your_support3. To provide support and guidance to those affected and their families.

Our friend is missed by many and we’re raising money for The Marfan Trust in her memory, we hope we can do her proud. Please help us to support the work they do for those living with Marfan and their families.

£1 from all standard tickets sold, all proceeds from the charity raffle and any further donations will be shared across the three charities we are fundraising for.

Have you got your tickets yet? Go get some!