earfoundation-thumbIt’s time to start spreading the news about the charities we’re supporting this year, so here’s charity number one. You may recognise The Ear Foundation from last year’s convention.

They were one of the charities we supported last year as it was (and still is) very close to our hearts.

So who are they? 

Simply, they’re a charity who were established to fund the provision of cochlear implants and to demonstrate their benefit to children.  The first person to be implanted in the UK was Michael Platt in 1989 and The Ear Foundation have been continuing to bring this amazing technology to the UK since.

The charity provides a wide variety of work, including A Family Programme, a continuing education programme, advice about making the most of hearing technology, advocacy and lobbying programmes and more.  All of their work is there to create a bridge between the clinical services where the technology is fitted and the places where it is used (home, school, work).

200Why do we support them?

Well, its because of an awesome young man who has had a cochlear implant; in fact he has had two!

This young man made the decision to have his second implant himself after having adjusted to his first so well, and he goes through life with full support of his fab mum.   We have seen how the implant has benefitted him and we have heard/seen how supportive The Ear Foundation have been!

He is doing so well in school, at home and in life and I am sure nothing will stop him getting where he wants to be in the future (especially if he is anything like his Mum!).

We would like The Ear Foundation to continue supporting those who choose to have an implant, because! even though it is a choice, it is still a massive adjustment, besides they do their work so well

So there you have it, a brief introduction to The Ear Foundation and why they’re one of the chosen charities being supported by Nottingham Comic Con this year. For every standard ticket sold we’ll donate £1 to our charities, PLUS we’ll be running another raffle this year with ALL proceeds being donated.

Please help us, help them to continue their work.
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