As Nottingham Comic Con draws closer we are getting more excited, especially about the guests that are joining us this year! You will have seen over our social media and here on the blog who we have announced, but thought it would be nice to see them in one place! Start planning your day to visit them all.

Luke Pearson We have been massive fans of Hilda (Luke’s creation) for ages, the fearless Blue Haired girl takes you are awesome adventures and is loved by adults and kids alike. Now also a Netflix Series, released on the 21st September 2018 we are chuffed that even more people will get to experience the Hilda Goodness. If you fancy meeting with Luke, asking him some questions and maybe even buying some Hilda comics, come and see him at Nottingham – the only UK comic con he is doing this year.

Marc Laming is a great friend of our show and an incredible talent. Known for his work with both Marvel and DC Comics, since the last comic con he has been drawing two Star Wars books, a Wonder Woman Annual and a motion comic for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5. He has also been working on some pitch pieces, a creator owned book, some covers and even more! To top it all off he is one of the nicest guys in comics!

Christian Wildgoose is the Artist of Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale series and has recently finished his run on Batgirl to take on further DC Comics projects. He is a genuinely a nice guy and will be willing to chat away about the world of comics!

NoBrow Press are the brilliant book publishers who are responsible for the HUGE hit, Hilda (which started as a Netflix series on 21st September) as well as Pantheon and Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City. They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year! They have been publishing comics and graphic novels and all kinds of picture books since 2008 – A decade of Awesomeness!

The Etherington Brothers – Oh my, when we think of these two only two words come to mind ‘Comic Powerhouses’. You can’t help but smile at these two’s passion for comics, regulars in the Phoenix, creators of amazing creator owned projects and the owners of the UK’s Most Successful Comics Kickstarter of all time.

Zak Simmonds-Hun is a regular at the Phoenix and all round awesome artist. Right now he is drawing a new fantasy epic for The Phoenix called Legacy, it’s all magic, spectacle and over-the-top action. On the day he will have issues of The Phoenix with him so will get to see his work in person!

The Creator of NoBrow’s Patheon; Hamish Steele is an Eisner Award Winner (Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award 2018) and we are pleased to have him join us. At Nottingham he will of course have Patheon and the latest book DeadEndia with him, but he will also have some other offerings too;  he has collected his Twitter Bio Comics in a book and loves to make cheap, self-printed zines about everything from Paul Rudd, to Horses, Ghosts to Godzilla.

Steve Beckett is currently drawing for  The Beano most weeks, including doing puzzles and full page features. More recently  he is also writing and drawing a comic strip called Dicing with Dai for each issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Magazine.  He is a favourite for the kids to chat to about all things Beano and Dandy and may even do a sketch or two!

Laura Trinder is an amazing artist who’s work has recently been noticed by DC and who’s book, The Midnight Hour, has been optioned for the screen! She is currently spending her time colouring DC Ink’s Batman: Nightwalker. We love her work on ‘The Night Post’ and are really pleased that she is joining us this year.

D’Isreali is a Nottingham based artist with a phenomenal credit list of A star comics, working with the top publishers, including work on War of the Worlds, The Sandman, Judge Dredd and a whole lot more.

Lew Stringer started out in Viz in 1990 and nowadays is drawing regular strips such as ‘The Daft Dimension’ in the official Doctor Who Magazine, ‘Team Toxic’ in Toxic magazine and ‘Hygiene High’ for Epic magazine, which is written by a young writer named Nial Murray. He also does ‘Derek the Troll’ for the online humour comic Goof! and self-publishes comics reprinting his older strips such as Combat Colin and Brickman.

Super talented and all round nice lady Sally Jane Thompson is a local freelance comic creator and illustrator who produces stunning things for you to buy. Sally has so much to offer including copies of Fresh Romance 2 to which she contributes (as a writer-artist) a story for all your Nottingham-centric comic needs.  Under the Oak Trees is set in Sherwood Forest and Nottingham, and is a sweet romantic drama between two people figuring out if their different lives and personalities can work together!