Avery_Hill_logo_black_-_flat_biz_card_-_webAre next guests are a critically acclaimed small press publishing house that has had great success and has had a number of British Comic Award nominees and even winners!

Please welcome the amazing Avery Hill Publishing!

Can you give us a brief overview of Avery Hill Publishing?
Avery Hill is a small publishing company based in South London that helps aspiring creators reach their potential, welcomes the geniuses that the mainstream doesn’t recognise, and is a home for more personal/niche projects by established, name creators.GA3

How do you choose the books that you publish?
Generally the criteria is that we publish books that we’d personally like to read.  That’s what’s at the heart of it and it’s what keeps our line cohesive.  Beyond that we obviously give consideration to whether or not it’s something we can sell; by which we don’t mean that it’s something we consider “commercial” and will make everyone rich, but just that we can figure out its audience and bring them to it.   We also consider whether or not we can actually bring anything to the project as a company that the creator couldn’t just do by themselves, due to the many great opportunities there are for self-publishing.

Without putting you on the spot, which books are you most proud of?
Obviously we don’t have favourites (well maybe one or two…), but it’s been great to see the work of our creators getting recognition at things like the British Comic Awards and various end of year polls.  Helping to raise the profile of creators that we love is one of the overriding ambitions of what we do, so the continuing rise of people like Tim Bird, Rachael Smith and Tillie Walden, to name just a few, is particularly pleasing and we’re very proud to have played some part in their success.

TEOS_CoverWhat are you currently working on?
We’re busy editing, printing and planning our Spring releases, which include new works from Rachael Smith and Tillie Walden who are now AHP regulars, AHP debuts from Claire Scully and Matt Swann and new issues of Reads and Metroland.  This is a really fun time as we get to see the artwork coming in and the magic starting to happen.  Additionally we’ve been planning our Autumn titles, getting organised for various shows, investigating new creators…busy times!

What can we expect to see from you in October?
As well as our Spring releases and all of our old favourites, we’ve a few other secret projects up our sleeves that we’ll be announcing nearer the time.  Suffice it to say that we’re massively excited about showing them all off, no doubt along with the odd NCC exclusive and creator signing!

Check out Avery Hill Publishing (including one of our guests – Rachael Smith) and grab yourself a book or three from them in October!