As you know we pick a couple of charities each year to support through the event; we do this by donating a percentage from the ticket sales, running a raffle and selling a Charity Anthology!

So announcing our first Charity of 2019, please welcome and help us support Little Heroes Comics

Little Heroes Comics is a UK based charity that creates and distributes comic making kits to children through hospitals and healthcare organisations across the UK.

The charity started in March 2017 when its founder Aaron Rackley wanted to give back to the hospital that helped him during his own time battling cancer in late 2013. He set up a JustGiving account and set a target of £1000 with a plan to create 100 comic making kits.

The support and the feedback from not just the medical field but also the comic book community was so great that Aaron decided to form the charity officially and set out to find funding to create more.

Little Heroes has been alive for over a year now and has so far raised over £10,000 which has enabled them to send over 700 kits out. Fundraising for Little Heroes is a combination of generous donations from individuals and grants from the government, however Little Heroes has just released its own Anthology. The First Anthology ‘Strength’ is a selection of stories all based around the title’s theme. The pages are filled with stories from various creators who have donated their work for free to enable the Anthology to come to life. It was recently successfully funded via Kickstarter and is now available to purchase from the Little Heroes online store.

To help you get to know this awesome charity even better we had a bit of a chat with it’s founder Aaron Rackley.

Any particular campaigns or fundraising you would like to share?

We are currently fundraising for the legal fees to start manufacturing our own comic making kits. This will enable us to help send our kits out for a 4th of the price we have to pay now. This means we can help 4x as many children.

What will you have with you at Nottingham Comic Con?

We will have all 3 of our Fundraising anthologies including Issue 3 which is off to the printers very soon after our latest Kickstarter campaign. alongside us we always bring our sister publshing house Fair Spark Books and their range of all-ages comics and books.

What is the best thing about working for a comic based charity?

For me, it is helping to entertain and take children’s mind out of the real world for a brief moment during what can be a very scary and lonely time for them.

What is your favourite all time comic?  

I am a massive Silver Surfer fan, always have been and still to this day I enjoy the stories and hunting down every copy to complete my collection.