So here we are folks. Exhibitor tables are now open for booking, things are moving forward and we have our first guest.

SNARKED_V1_CVRThe creator of one of my personal favourites that I’ve read this year, Snarked. Please welcome a returning Eisner and Harvey Award-winning cartoonist responsible for The Muppet Show Comic Book, Thor the Mighty Avenger, Snarked! and Fred the Clown; Roger Langridge.

What have you been working on since we last met you in October?
I wrote a four-part series for Boom! Studios’ KABOOM! imprint called The Baker Street Peculiars, illustrated by Andy Hirsch, which is about a group of kid detectives who specialise in weird or supernatural mysteries, with the occasional help of an extremely ancient Sherlock Holmes (actually Mrs Hudson, his landlady, cross-dressing). The first one of those is out in March.

drwhoI did a strip for Doctor Who Magazine #496, the first one I’ve both written and drawn, which was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I’m still grinding through the colouring on my Fred the Clown graphic novel, The Iron Duchess, still being serialised at ZCO.MX – it gets whatever time I can spare at weekends. On the home stretch now, though!

And I’ve also been doing a daily strip on the web, at; just dashed-off, one-hour warmups, but I’m really enjoying them.

What is on the drawing board for 2016?
Very little I can announce yet! Sorry to be mysterious, but everything that might happen in 2016 is at a very early stage right now. I’m “talking to people”, as the saying goes. And waiting for the go-ahead on things. I’m writing a lot of pitches and outlines and that sort of malarkey at the moment.

ironduchessWhat have you got planned for this year’s NCC?
Given the volume of stuff I’m producing with the daily strips, there’ll almost certainly be some sort of print version of that. I’m hoping The Iron Duchess will be in print form by October – though I need to finish it first! And the latest news I have from Boom! Studios is that there’ll be a collected edition of my 2015 series, Abigail and the Snowman, out in October – though that’s moved a couple of times, so don’t hold me to it.

You had an awesome book you made with your son, are we likely to see another one?
Alas, probably not. When I bring my kids to shows, I like them to have something of their own on the table because it’s a great experience for them to sell their own work, but this year will likely be just me, making a solo trip. But my son does his own comics and stop-motion animation all the time. He’s a very creative fellow.

Langridge Influences JPEG MaxWe’re very honoured to have Roger back and look forward to picking up some of his work, start saving folks!!

We have some more guests to unveil for you real soon…