This year at NCC we’ve decided to invite a local board/tabletop gaming companies to be our guest. “But I thought it was all comics!!”

Never fear. Comic tie ins ahoy!

Please welcome Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog experts, Warlord Games to the show!

Nottingham based Warlord Games are designers, creators and distributors of historical miniatures and table-top gaming. The most recent project is Rebellions Judge Dredd! This range of miniatures and game has been designed to welcome comic and Dredd fans as a palatable introduction to painting miniatures and playing table top games.

for more information be sure to follow Warlord Games on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @warlordgames. As part of the project, the miniatures can be located at Forbidden Planet.

You can find Warlord Games showcasing The new miniatures at their table, with Dr Who miniatures and Rebellions Strontium Dog

Come and play some games and you be the Judge!!

Got your tickets? Get them now (discounts for groups of 10 adults or more!!)