The-Bizarre-Adventures-of-Gilbert-Sullivan-cover-350x494Another returnee that we’re honoured to have with us again is the creator of one of the best books we picked up at last year’s NCC. Please welcome back Laura Howell, Beano regular and creator of the AMAZING Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan.

LauraHsample_trickydicky-02Loving your Tricky Dicky work in the Beano. How has that been going and what else do you have in the pipeline for them that you can talk about?
I’ve been drawing Tricky Dicky since 2013 now, and it’s still good fun. Like Dennis and Gnasher, it’s a strip where we (myself and writer Nigel Auchterlounie) tend to have fun with the supporting characters as much as the main one – Mr Throbb, Tricky’s lazy, bad-tempered teacher, is a favourite of mine. I can really go to town with his extreme expressions and body language. In terms of other pipeline projects, I’ve drawn a few girl-centric strips for the 2017 annual, but I’m not saying who just yet!

One of my personal favourite books I picked up last year at NCC was your Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan. How did that start and CAN WE HAVE MORE?!
I’m glad you’re a G&S fan! Producing a book of my own comics/characters was something I’ve wanted to do for years, so it’s a great feeling that it’s finally out there. I have enough material for a second volume, but other work is keeping me from making any progress with it right now. Rest assured you will eventually get more, though!

LauraH_sample_RSWhat are you currently working on?
Speaking of that other work – as well as The Beano, I’ve been lead artist on Angry Birds magazine for Egmont since 2014, as well as lead artist for BOOM Studios’ Regular Show comic, based on the Cartoon Network series. That’s been an absolute blast, as I’m a big fan of the show anyway. There are a couple of other things, but it’s hush-hush right now – sorry!


What can we expect from you at this year’s NCC?
At NCC this year, I’ll have Regular Show comics available (with a drawing on the cover, if you like!), as well as my usual prints, Gilbert & Sullian books and merchandise, and original comic art for sale. As ever, I’ll be sketching by request too. I may have one or two surprises up my sleeve – watch this space!

Let’s hope Laura gets time to produce volume 2 of Gilbert and Sullivan!! Make sure you visit Laura’s table in October!!