Joining us once again this year is the publisher of multiple award winning books, including the phenomenally successful Hilda series!

Welcome back Nobrow and Flying Eye.

This will be Nobrow and Flying Eye’s second visit to the excellent Nottingham Comic Convention. We are a company that flies the flag for comics creation in the United Kingdom and all around the world. Our books have an eye to incredible art and stories of the ordinary and the fantastical. We loved meeting old and new readers alike last year and cant wait for October to swing around.

Nottingham Comic Con comes fast on the heels of the release of the new Hilda graphic novel ‘Hilda and the Mountain King’. You’ll really need to find out what happens to our plucky hero after the events of the last book! In fact you’ll be able to pick up all the Hilda goodness including all the books and novels released so far. Depending on stock availability we’re also hoping to have some of the much sought after Hilda Dolls as well as loads of stickers, postcards and bookmarks.

You’ll also be able to pick up ‘Nightlights’ and ‘Hicotea’ from the Eisner Award winning creator Lorena Alvarez. These are books that are so gorgeous they will make you weep and she was a brilliantly worthy winner of the Russ Manning Award this year.

What else will we have, I hear you ask.

‘In Waves’ by AJ Dungo was released in June this year and has created quite the buzz with readers and critics. It is a mixture of a tragic yet beautifully told autobiography along with a slice of Californian history. Much is set on the titular Waves and the characters fall in love and feel loss in a book that is sure to be looking at numerous awards in the next twelve months.

Talking about well crafted autobiographical comics you’ll also get a chance to buy our upcoming release of ‘Americana….and the act of getting over it’ from comedy genius Luke Healy. The story of a gruelling test of body and spirit as he walks the American Pacific Crest Trail. Both intimate and fascinating this is 336 pages of a book you wont forget in a hurry! Highly recommended.

There are just a couple of recommendations from the Nobrow and Flying Eye back catalogue. We’ll be bringing a van load of great other books for kids and adults and you’re sure to find something that will inspire your creativity and put a big grin on your face!

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