He’s been a few years in the wilderness (well, away from NCC!!), but he’s back. Known for his work in the Beano and Dandy, among other things, please welcome Steve Beckett to NCC 2018!

What have you been working on since we had you last at NCC?
The Beano most weeks. I’ve been drawing lots of puzzles and full page features.

I also write and draw a comic strip called Dicing with Dai for each issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Magazine.

I hear you did some work on a Games Workshop comic for titan. How did that come about?
I saw on Twitter that Titan were producing a new comic series based on Blood Bowl. I have been a fan of Games Workshop stuff for over 30 years and I thought out of all of their properties Blood Bowl would be the best fit for my comic art style. So I tracked down the editor and pitched some ideas and I was really stoked to be offered some work on the comic!

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on a cover for the third book in the Lucy Wilson Mysteries series published by Candy Jar. I’m also producing a series of illustrations and graphics for a new tabletop miniatures game. The illustrations are in a different style to my usual cartoony stuff. It’s a really exciting project.

What will you have for us at NCC this year?
I don’t have my own to book to promote this year but I’ll be happy to chat Beano and sketch funny stuff for folk! I also have a strip in this years NCC Charity comic so look out for that!

Be sure to stop by Steve’s table and grab yourself a commission sketch! Tickets are now on sale here and £1 of all adult tickets will be donated to this year’s chosen charities.