Greetings all, with NCC just 2 weeks away, we still have awesomeness to unveil! We have 2 new guests still to announce and the first of those is the very awesome Regular Show comic artist and Beano extraordinaire Laura Howell!!

What have you been working on since last NCC?I’ve completed my first full-length graphic novel for BOOM Studios. It’s Regular Show: Wrasslesplosion and yoou can buy it from all good bookstores (possibly even my table, too!) I’ve also been expanding my beano duties, and providing comics for new girl’s magazine “Sweet”. So, busy as ever!

What have you got in the pipeline?
Hopefully by the time the Con comes round I’ll be underway with a new, exciting book project, but sadly I can’t give you any details about that at the moment. Watch this space!

What can we expect from you at this year’s NCC?

If you swing by my table this year you can find brand new prints, lots of original artwork for sale, and copies of Regular Show books and comics. I still have a limited amount of “The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan” books, if anyone hasn’t got one yet. Come and check it out:)

Make sure you pop by Laura’s table and DEFINITELY pick up Gilbert & Sullivan – a personal favourite!!!