covers-death-sentence001We have a new guest lined up who, it can’t be denied, creates beautiful artwork! His work on Death Sentence has propelled him further into the limelight, showing he can hold his own and even surpass some of the big boys! Please welcome the amazing Martin Simmonds.

How did you get started in comics?
I spent some time putting together a portfolio of work, going to portfolio reviews at various comic cons and talking to pros in order to get as much advice as possible. Meeting other creators at a similar stage in their careers was great and led to some really cool projects.

My first project was for Dead Roots, a 4 part zombie anthology series created and edited by Mike Garley, I worked with Paul Alexander on a ten page story called @Zombify and then with Mike on a bonus story for the Kickstarter campaign.

This led to a couple of other short stories, both written by PM Buchan – one for Starburst Magazine and another for the Disconnected Press anthology Disconnected Vol 2, and then to working on Eponymous with Mike for VS Comics.

covers-limboYou worked on Eponymous with Mike Garley (a great book!), how was it to work on? 
It was a lot of fun. Mike had a pretty clear idea on how he wanted the comic to look, keeping a cinematic feel to the panel layout was key and it seemed to suit my art style. Mike’s a very talented writer, and a very nice chap so it was a pleasure to work on it with him, it’s just a shame we didn’t get the opportunity to complete it but maybe one day we will.

Eponymous is now available to download for free!

sequentials-death-sentence004How did you get the job on Death Sentence?
I’d met Monty at a few cons before getting involved with Death Sentence, we got on really well and he seemed to like my work. We’d previously discussed working on something together but it was a nice surprise when he asked me to get involved with Death Sentence. I was a fan of the series anyway and already familiar with the characters and the tone of the book, so it was a dream project for me. Monty’s an incredible writer, and it’s been a great experience to work with him on it.

Is there anything else you’re working on Besides DS?
I have a creator-owned horror series due out in early 2017 from a top five US publisher, plus a few other projects in the pipeline that I’m really excited about – some are further along in development than others but as is always the way, I can’t really talk about any of them!

sequentials-eponymous004What can we see from you in October at NCC?
I’ll have Death Sentence books and original artwork to sell, plus I’ll be sketching on the day. If anyone wishes to pre-order a commission they can contact me through my website

Honoured to have him with us, be sure to pick up his work and get your commissions ordered now! If you haven’t already you can go and order your NCC tickets HERE!