REDSKULL2015003004We are very honoured and pleased to announce a new guest to this year’s event and a new guest to Nottingham Comic Con!!

He’s an incredible talent and has worked on books such as Spider-man, Red Skull and Sons of Anarchy! Please welcome the incredible Luca Pizzari

Can you tell us how you got into the comic industry?
I guess the good ol’ way: taking a LOT of time alone locked in my room doing pages over pages, then sampling what I thought were the best ones and showing them to editors/publishers at the various comic cons in or around London. In one of these I met Marvel artist Declan Shalvey, who seemed impressed enough by what he saw to suggest Id go to the the first edition of the DICE ComicCon in Dublin, organised by the Eisner-nominated local comic store The Big Bang. There I met a lot of people form the bustling Irish comic scene, and started having my work appearing here and there, Like a 3-issues Glimmer Man mini for Atomic Diner and the OGN Queen Of Storms, for O’Brien Press.

BLKKNGHT2015001006You’ve worked with Marvel on the Secret Wars saga, Red Skull and Black Knight, how did this all come about?
A couple of years ago I decided to invest a little more in my career and went to the New York Comic Con, when I met my teenage hero artist Ed McGuinness, who was kind enough to look at my portfolio and call his Marvel editor Nick Lowe (who was having lunch outside of the venue) to come at his table to check my stuff out. Nick seemed to like it enough to offer me the Spider-Man job via email a week later, and from there Ive jumped for a book to the there for a good year and half.


What are you currently working on?
I’m currently drawing issue 3 of the Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original prequel comic series, for BOOM! Studios, of which the first issue JUST came out as I write these lines, with very good feedback I must say 🙂

What can we expect to see from you at NCC?
A lot of original pages and hopefully, if I have time, some personal projects that Id like to have printed out as small 10-12 pages booklets.


Make sure you make a bee-line for Luca’s table in October!!

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