We have a new guest, a man who has worked with most of the comic publishers in the UK and who’s work spans all age groups and genders. Please welcome Lew Stringer to NCC.

unnamed-2How did you get into comics?
I used to make up my own comics from the age of 7, then in my late teens I produced my own fanzines and stripzines (such as Brickman). Alan Moore was a big supporter of my work and encouraged me to submit stuff to Marvel UK, which I did, and they started running my cartoons in The Daredevils in 1983. After that, more work came along from Marvel UK, IPC, and so on.

unnamed-1You’ve worked with some big companies/comics, including Marvel UK, Viz, Toxic and the Beano (among many others), which comic have you had the most fun on?
OINK! probably still remains a favourite, even 30 years on. The styles of the contributors was a bit raw to start with but you can see our development as the comic progressed. It was quite an experimental, non-formulaic comic in many ways, and we were able to do what we wanted, within reason of course. If you enjoy what you’re doing, the energy transfers to the readers, and thirty years on they’re still talking about it so I guess we did something right.


How did the Dr Who gig come about?
Basically they just asked me. Their previous cartoonist was leaving, the mag was having a revamp (because the 12th Doctor was debuting) so they wanted a new strip. It’s good fun!

What advice would you have to those wanting to get into the comic book industry?
Start small. Literally, with small press comics. (That’s how many of us started out.) That will give you experience and feedback, and you’ll learn the discipline of telling a story in pictures. You’ll also have something more than portfolio art to send to editors, which will show them you can do sequential art. I know some people want to start out doing a big graphic novel but short stories are a better way to hone your abilities. The graphic novel can wait.

What will you be bringing to NCC?
Over the last 12 months I’ve started self-publishing again to get some of my creator-owned material back into print (but I’m still doing mainstream comics too of course) . I’ll be bringing along my comics BRICKMAN RETURNS (a Batman spoof) and DEREK THE TROLL/ROCK SOLID (which reprints strips of mine from 30 years ago)!

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