We have a new and very awesome guest! You may be familiar with his books, Space Captain. Please welcome Chris Baldie.

How did you get into comics?
I started drawing my own comics back in 2004/5 around the time the big webcomics boom happened. I must have started and abandoned a dozen different ideas, each slightly less terrible than the last. Once I had graduated university however, comics fell by the wayside for a while. I never stopped drawing, but whenever I started to think about a story I lost interest pretty fast. I think finding the small press community really helped kickstart things for me again, showing me that there was a fun side to making comics.

tumblr_o41ub7eCg21uq5dtbo1_1280Can you tell us about Never Ever After?
Never Ever After is a comic which follows the lives of several odd characters, whose lives are coming crashing together due to a series of weird events.

The comic actually started as an exercise of sorts, to see if Holley McKend (my flat mate at the time) and I could motivate each other to actually keep a project going for more than 8 pages. And it seems to have worked, we’ve been doing it now for almost 7 years. We had an archive of around 150 pages, which we recently took down. While we were proud to have done them, we wanted to restart the whole thing anew, using the skills we had learned over the last few years to create stories and artwork that were much more cohesive.

08a4ecedc41ce828f46a432e79266422_originalYou’ve had multiple successes on kickstarter with your awesome Space Captain series, how did you and Michael Park come up with it?
Space Captain kind of came about by chance. I have always loved sci-fi and space travel specifically. So one day while at work, I jokingly announced I was creating a comic called Space Captain: Captain of Space, all about a character floating through space on a meteor and left it at that. Then about a week later, Michael showed me a script he had written, which was essentailly issue 1 as you read it. And with a script like that you can’t just leave it alone.

3b8cfd8e4200745c5bde96ec1a2739eb_originalWhat will you have for us in October at NCC?
I’ll have all 3 issues of Space Captain available, as well as issue 1 of Never Ever After and a treasure trove of stickers, badges and prints.

Make sure to check out Chris’s work and grab a copy or three come October!! Have you got your tickets yet? £1 of every standard ticket sold will be donated to our selected charities!