Returning once again is the super talented, super nice, super Rachael Smith!

What have you been working over over the last year?
I brought out my (now sold out) auto bio book ‘Wired Up Wrong’, continued with my Doctor Who comics, ran my Patreon, and did a lot of commissions!

What are you currently working on?
The main thing I’m working on is my new book ‘Peck O’ Trouble’. I can’t say too much about it but it’s about a young girl who meets a witch.

You’ve done some great work on Dr Who and Lumberjanes. How have these come about?
Thanks! The Doctor Who stuff started when the editor at Titan approached me at a convention I was tabling at. I pitched for the humour strip gig shortly after that and, after the BBC taking an age to get back to me, was selected! I’ve been doing the monthly strips in the Tenth Doctor comic series for about 3 years now. With Lumberjanes I did some fanart of the characters that was seen by one of the editors at BOOM! Studios, the asked if I wanted to do a cover and I pretty much bit their hand off. I love Lumberjanes so much!

What will you have for us in October?
My newest thing will probably be my Hourly Comics Day 2017 zine, but other than that all my graphic novels and comics, as well as some merch like pins, stickers and prints. I’ll also be doing Flimsy Kitten Commissions where I’ll draw you as a cat for £5!

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