Our next guest was due to come to NCC last year but due to illness was unable to make it. Please welcome the amazing artist Martin Simmonds.

For those who aren’t aware of your work can you give us a brief overview of what you’re working on and what you’ve been involved in?
I’ve recently painted my first cover for Marvel, a Jessica Jones variant. Before that, I worked on Death Sentence: London for Titan Comics. Currently, I’m involved in a couple of projects that will be announced very soon!

How did you get into comics?
I spent a few years working as a graphic designer and during this time, started collaborating on various small press comic projects in my spare time. My first project was Dead Roots (a zombie anthology comic created by Mike Garley), followed by Eponymous (Written by Mike Garley), which originally appeared in VS Comics. Not long after, I was asked by Montynero to work on Death Sentence: London for Titan Comics.

What will you have for us in October?
I’ll have a selection of comics I’ve worked on, a few prints and a selection of original art for sale. I’ll also be available for pre-show commissions (email me at martinsimmonds@ymail.com), and I’ll be available to do a few commissions on the day.

Make sure you get your commission in early and stop by Martin’s table and pick us some unbelievable artwork!

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