We have a new guest lined up. She’s been a regular from the very first NCC (aka Nerd Fest) back in 2013. An extremely talented lady and super nice to boot! Please welcome Sally Jane Thompson to the show!

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently on a bit of a break for health reasons, but am taking the chance away from larger projects to sketch and experiment with media and formats I haven’t previously had the chance to explore. Keep an eye on my Twitter (@sallythompson) and Instagram (@sallyjanethompson) for painting experiments and, hopefully, some mini comic experiments too!

Can you tell us more about Fresh Romance?
After doing art duties for the super fun The Ruby Equation (with Sarah Kuhn, Savanna Ganucheau, and Steve Wands) for Fresh Romance 1, I got to do something a little closer to home for Fresh Romance 2! Under the Oak Trees is set in Sherwood Forest and Nottingham, and is a sweet romantic drama between two people figuring out if their different lives and personalities can work together! I really wanted to create a strong sense of place and celebrate environments we don’t often get to see in comics – I’m particularly hoping that local folk at NCC will come by and check it out!

Tell us more about your latest comic Conspiracy of Ravens.
Conspiracy is an all-ages British magical girl adventure, with a wonderful group of teen girls at its center, and all the ravens, crumbling mysterious mansions, secret histories and boarding school hijinks you could want! This was the best kind of indulgent book – writers Leah Moore and John Reppion and I filled it with things that excited us!

What will you have for us at NCC this year?
I’ll have copies of Fresh Romance 2, for all your Nottingham-centric comic needs, and Conspiracy (plus a couple of signed posters to give away!). I’ll also be bringing a couple of rare copies of the Fellowship volume of the incredible, gorgeous 1001 Knights project! I’ll also have really lovely short anthology Good Grief, featuring comics and illustrations about grief from Liz Prince, Gillian Sein Ying Ha, Aud Koch, Mike Garley and myself, plus mini sketchbooks and prints! I’ll see you there!

Be sure to stop by Sally’s table on the 20th, her work is just stunning!

If you haven’t got you tickets yet, be quick, not long to go!