Live Draw Session – Chris Imber of Reckless Hero

This year at Nottingham Comic Con we’ve managed to convince the extremely talented Mr Imber, from Reckless Hero, to come and demonstrate his pen mastery for all to see. Come along and ask questions whist he willingly draws something spectacular, all directed by the one and only Tony Esmond (The Awesome Comic Podcast and Never Iron Anything).

Well worth checking out. Reckless Hero was founded in 2012 to create comic art for your homes and your bodies. The early days of the business was focused on developing art for t-shirts and art prints but in early 2015 Reckless Hero published its first comic ‘The Last Sheriff’.

Their company is now geared towards developing more great titles and working with a range of other stunning artists to bring vivid comic designs and stories to life. Reckless Hero was created by Chris Imber, Chris Jenkins and Matthew King; friends (and former band mates) for over a decade. They are active on the comic convention circuit in the UK, visiting not only the larger conventions but also the smaller events focused more on small press titles.

We are really excited to see this talent in action and hope you will join us, the session is included in your ticket price and is open to everyone! If you want to check out their comic-y goodness before the day head over to their website