81jWcCRG3xLWe love to support local artists and the creatives and so this year we have a fantastic local author coming to Nottingham Comic Con!

Please welcome published author Adam Nightingale and his artist in crime Stephen Dennis. Their work together has explored historic events, looking at fictional “bad guys” and their real life counterparts as well as cannibalism on the high seas.

We caught up with them for a couple of questions:

How did you get into writing?

Failure at acting was my entry point into writing. I trained as an actor at the same drama school as CBBCs star Justin Fletcher, who once accidentally stabbed me in the face with a baited fencing sword. Once I realised I wasn’t going to make it as an actor, I literally prayed for something else creative to do. Opportunities opened up for me to write film reviews and interview cult movie personalities for a now defunct Nottingham listings magazine. I ended up working in a museum called The Galleries of Justice as an actor guide. The museum found out I could write and encouraged me to pen (amongst other things) some of the information you can still read on the exhibition walls. This opened doors to write the illustrated history books I’ll be trying to flog at Nottingham Comic Con.

fightWhat books have you had published and how did your collaboration with Stephen Dennis come about?

My books are a reasonably eclectic mix of flippant and reasonably intense history books. They are:
Bed, Wed Behead (dating profiles for 180 historical “hotties” from English history),
The Shipwreck Cannibals (a biography of John Deane, a forgotten 18th century adventurer, mercenary, spy and reluctant cannibal)
Masters of Crime (a history of fictional literary villains who were based on real criminals)
Murder and Crime Nottingham
Heroes and Villains of Nottingham 

With the exception of Bed, Wed, Behead, Stephen Dennis has contributed atmospheric illustrations to all my books.* We met whilst working as actor guides at a crime and punishment museum. We bonded over history and Bruce Campbell movies. Our first collaboration was a homemade pamphlet entitled Grisly Tales of the Galleries of Justice that was sold over the counter at the museum gift shop for £1. When my publisher came a calling, the books they proposed needed illustrations. Stephen seemed the obvious man for the job and has been making me look good ever since.

*Incidentally my mum and my brother and my dad contributed the rest of the original illustrations and photographs making the books something of an accidental family project.

9780752487236What are you currently working on and what have you got on the drawing board?

I have an ongoing work in progress called Tales of the White Musashi about a flawless, terminally bored gunfighter who wanders the American West for looking increasingly bizarre ways to peak his interest.

What can we expect from you at NCC?

A scraggy beard, a battered hat, a table full of history books and a bemused audience wondering “who the hell are you and what the hell is a man who writes history books doing a comic convention?”

Make sure you stop by Adam and Stephen’s table and pick up a book or two plus some artwork.

Grab your tickets!