She’s the creator of the Manga series Biomecha and previous guest to Nottingham, please welcome the hugely talented Laura Watton-Davies aka Pink Apple Jam.

For those who missed you a few years ago, tell us a little about yourself and what you’ve been up to in the comic industry.
I have recently printed Biomecha Book 2, which compiles chapters 5 to 8 of my Biomecha series – the original chapters had been out of print since 2012. When I went to my first Nottingham Comic Con, I had been working on other publisher’s titles, such as Medikidz comics and pieces for the Manga Fashion Look Book by Quarto.For the past few years I’ve mainly been working on my own stuff, but found some time to create twelve articles for NEO Magazine’s bimonthly Chibi Street Style features with my comics-friend and art-colleague Leeann Hamilton. I also did a few Manga School features for NEO, too.

Tell us about Biomecha.
Biomecha is a three-book series – a scifi comedy drama, about growing up in near-future world of imperfect cybernetics and roller-coaster relationships. The main characters are from all over the place – Reiko, Toshio, Jo, Phyl. They are a group of friends who meet at a school which handles new technology and unusual stuff. There are some good times, but also some bad. There is also an octopus mascot called Squishy-chan!

What are you currently working on?
Biomecha 3, the final book! By the time NCC rolls round I will have finished the prologue and begun Biomecha chapter 9, with the long term goal of compiling the last few chapters into the final book, in graphic novel format. I am updating new Biomecha pages online via Patreon for $1 per month or so. Book 1 can be read via and books 2 and 3 are viewable via I’ll probably not be working on much else for the timebeing though – I must complete this trilogy!

What will you have at NCC?
Definitely Biomecha books 1 and 2! I should have some copies of Drop Dead Monstrous books (a horror story graphic novel anthology) as well as posters, plus cute and retro things. I also have some fluoro Risograph posters (I describe these as limited edition “screenprinted photocopy” artworks that use bright, soy-based inks), and I should be doing some cartoon portraits too.

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