He’s always the first name on our guest list, the nicest man in comics and he’s been a regular with us in Nottingham since the very start (PLUS he’s an AMAZING artist and Marvel regular among other things!).

If you’ve not yet picked up some art, comics, sketchbooks from this highly talented man, what are you waiting for? Please welcome back, Marc Laming!

You seem to be constantly busy! Love seeing your twitter feed with new artwork. What have you been working on specifically over the last 12 months?

I’ve drawn two Star Wars books, a Wonder Woman Annual, and a motion comic for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 and I’ve also been working on some pitch pieces, a creator owned book and a whole mess of covers – I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten some stuff too

What are you currently working on (that you can tell us about)?

I’m working on a Han Solo movie spin off book about Beckett and his crew.

Anything in the pipeline you’re allowed to share?

Two very exciting mini series projects and a couple of creator owned books but that’s as much as I can say right now.

What do appreciate when tabling at a con (if people what to bring you Rolos or something?)

Tea, lots of tea and good conversation with readers 🙂

What will you have for us this year?

I will have a new large format sketchbook, bargain priced original art and I’m sure a few new prints.

Make sure you visit Marc at NCC and pick up ALL of his work!

To get your tickets for this year’s show go here!