We have a new guest, and one who is a regular in The Phoenix comic as well as a British Comic Award Nominee. He is the creator of the highly acclaimed Mega Robo Bros and The Pirates of Pangea, please welcome Neill Cameron.

How did you get into comics?

I was always into comics as a kid, loved reading them and drawing them. I grew up next door to a newsagents, which may have helped form some very strong habits at an impressionalble age. We went in one Saturday morning looking to spend some pocket money, and they had the new issue of this exciting-sounding new comic called ‘The Transformers’, and that was basically the entire course of my life changed in one instant right there.

How did Mega Robo Bros and your work with the Phoenix come about?

I’ve been working with the Phoenix since the start, pretty much – originally on the story ‘The Pirates of Pangaea’ with Daniel Hartwell and also my comics-educational strip ‘How To Make Awesome Comics’. A couple of years in I was kind of getting the itch to do something new, and I was playing with my son, and he was running around pretending to be a robot and shooting lasers out of his fingers and, y’klnow, the usual. (He had inherited the Transformers gene from me, I think.) Anyway, it just struck me that there was a great idea for a comic there: basically, a small child, with all the poor impulse control and bizarre behavior and borderline-sociopathic bahaviour that all children have, but who actually could fly and shoot lasers out of their hands and punch over skyscrapers and stuff. I thought that would be fun.

What are you currently working on?

Lots more for the Phoenix – tons more Mega Robo Bros, and I’ve written the third volume of Kate Brown and me’s ‘Tamsin’ series, and some other fun stuff, too. Also I’ve just started up a brand new social media web comic experiment thing called ‘Our Daily Breath’, which you can find on my twitter or my Facebook or my Instagram – basically it’s an autobiographical / diary comic, but dealing exclusively with the aspects of my life that concern me and my son playing ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. It will make sense if you read it, honestly.

What will you have for us at NCC this October?

Lots of comics! Mega Robo Bros and Pirates of Pangaea and How To Make Awesome Comics and more fun things besides. Plus, I *think* I might by then have some hot-of-the-presses copies of the brand-new Mega Robo Bros BOOK TWO. Plus I might be talked into drawing portraits of people riding dinosaurs. You know, fun stuff like that.

So much to look forward to from Neill in October, be sure to stop by his table and say hi!!