You have already read about some of the debuting comics at this year’s event – well here is even more!

First up is Cog Life Comics (table L36) who returns with their latest annual anthology, Survivorreleased at 2018’s Thought Bubble Comic Convention. Again centered on a one-word theme, Survivor features a collection of short stories spanning across styles and genres, ‘Wight Moon’, ‘New Marathon’, ‘The Night Shift’, ‘End of the Road’ and ‘Follow-up’.


From the sarcastic minds of Matt Harrower (table U27)and Tony (of the Awesome Comics Podcast – table L28) is the story of a demonic warrior, he meeting with an historic warrior and some strange motives.

Both Tony and Matt are fans of that often tasteless decade (the nineties) that produced some over the top movies, some laddish music and some brilliantly trashy comics.

As a tribute they have produced this zine. It contains a short comic and some articles on our favourite movies and comics of that time gone by. With a deep dive in sarcasm and genuine affection for the products of those years. 

From Time Bomb Comics (table L22) we have Bomb Scares 2 – As with the original Bomb Scares book, Bomb Scares 2 is a 98 page collection of 18 complete horror stories from a total of 36 very talented creators, including David Hitchcock, Gary Crutchley, Mike Perkins and John Erasmus. As well as creating one of the interior stories, John also painted the cover!

To finish off we have not a debuting comic but a Kickstarter for a Comic to come….. The word for Word Bible Comic (Table L19) is now running a Kickstarter for the next instalment, The Book of Esther.

Set in ancient Persia, it is a book of high court intrigue and one woman’s struggle to save her people from annihilation.
It takes place in the time of Achaemenid King Xerxes the Great, the book not only features the character portrayed in Frank Miller’s 300 but encompasses the time of the legendary Battle of Thermopylae!  NB: Early bird and limited edition rewards will be strictly limited on this campaign.