Hugely excited to announce our latest guest. A man synonymous with that staple of all kids comics, the Beano. Please welcome Nigel Parkinson to Nottingham.

Nigel Parkinson Cartoonist      

The official cartoonist of The Beano’s Dennis and Gnasher and the Beano’s cover every week, Nigel draws the Bash Street Kids, Bananaman, Roger the Dodger and has written and drawn Minnie the Minx and draws or has drawn most other Beano and Dandy characters at some time or other.

He was responsible for writing and drawing the acclaimed “Harry Hill’s Adventures in TV Land” for The Dandy. He’s also drawn Thunderbirds, Grange Hill, Baywatch, Stingray, Count Arthur Strong, etc, etc over a 39 year career.

Follow Nigel on twitter or visit his website.

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