Our latest guest to be joining us at this year’s NCC is an amazing artist who’s work has recently been noticed by DC and who’s book, The Midnight Hour, has been optioned for the screen!

Please welcome Laura Trinder to the show.

What have you been working on recently?
In January I left my part-time job as a Waterstones Lead Bookseller to concentrate on my freelance book projects, and it’s been utter madness ever since! I’m currently co-creating a children’s novel (The Midnight Hour) with my partner in books, Benjamin Read. We’re just about to wrap up on the writing side of things and then I can move on to some interior illustrations. Alongside that I’m also colouring DC Ink’s Batman: Nightwalker, illustrated by my partner in all other things, Christian Wildgoose. It’s so great to be teamed up with my husband! Somehow I’m also managing to squeeze in some work on my next Improper Books comic, Heart of Crow .

How did Batman: Nightwalker colouring duties come about?
Well, I’m glad you asked, it’s an incredibly exciting tale! Chris was originally going to colour the book himself, but had his hands full with the pencils and inks. He suggested me instead, I sent in a few samples and got the job. Ok, it’s a pretty dull story.

I hear there may be a film adaptation of your new book The Midnight Hour in the works as well as a world publishing deal. Can you share more?
Ooh yes! Benjamin Read and I first collaborated on a creator-owned comic called Night Post. Altitude Films acquired the film rights and asked if we’d be interested in creating additional material for the film. We were so excited to expand the world of Night Post that, after meeting with Barry Cunningham of Chicken House Books, we ended up creating a whole new children’s novel inspired by the comic. The Midnight Hour can be pre-ordered now and will hit bookshops in February next year. The film is in early stages of development.

What will you have for us on your table this year?
I’ll be sharing a table with Chris again this year and I’ll have copies of Night Post with me. I’ll also have pages to peak at from my next Improper Books comic and extra goodies like original pen and ink drawings. My favourite part of any con is meeting new people (and old friends) so please feel free to drop by for a chat!

Stop by Laura’s table and pick up EVERYTHING she’s selling!

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