To add to David Langley as musical guests this year we have two awesome singer songwriters.

Andy Griffiths

“Hailing from the fenlands of Cambridgeshire via the cosmopolitan melting pot of Leicester, Andy Griffiths has been steadily garnering attention in recent years on the Midlands music scene, charming audiences with his warm, soulful baritone, storytelling and emphasis on the primacy of great melodies and chords.

As well as a host of festival appearances, he has opened for many top folk and Americana artists including Chris Wood, Kris Drever, Boo Hewerdine, Dick GaughanKim Richey, Miles Hunt, Ashley Hutchings and Rod Clements.

In 2011, legendary UK folk group The Poozies began performing Andy’s song ‘Southern Cross’ and recorded it on their 2015 album “Into The Well”.

Andy has always written stories featuring diverse characters and situations and the new album “Big Red Monster” is no exception; the lighthouse keeper facing redundancy, the alcoholic’s bargain, the spurned lover in denial, the old man looking back, the child losing her home to the demands of a country at war.”

You can find more samples of his music:





Phil Matthews aka The Village

Introducing England’s best kept secret…………

The Village

The Village is the brainchild of quirky music-maker Phil Matthews.

And, if you’ve never heard of him then it’s probably the fault of the UK’s music press – although some far-sighted journalists (and thousands of music fans) have been shouting his name for years. In fact he’s spent around one whole year at the top of the UK’s folk charts……..

A familiar sight in the Midlands, Phil has begun to seek out new musical territories to conquer with his original music – music that has been compared to Robyn Hitchcock, Syd Barrett, Neil Finn, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan…….the list just goes on ! But The Village is so much more than comparisons to other stars. The Village is quite simply the voice of middle-aged England – and there’s a lot of us out there !

If you like to think about your music, if you want your music to change the world (but still be able to cut a rug) then look no further. Phil Matthews’ The

Village is the one for you…….

Check out his website here.

Come grab your tickets quick!!!