Greetings. We’re back and very excited for our 6th Nottingham Comic Con and we hope you are too.

We have a load of things planned for this year. We’re looking at things that have worked in previous years and new things to keep you on your toes. We have guest galore lined up, some who you may have met before and some brand new to Nottingham, starting with our FIRST guest.

Introducing the extremely talented and Phoenix comic regular, Zak Simmonds-Hurn.

How did you get into making comics?: I’ve been drawing comics of my own ever since catching the comic bug reading Sonic The Comic as a 7 year old. Around the time I went to Uni I started showing my work around at comic conventions, this eventually led to me getting work on The DFC, working with Robin Etherington, whom I had met at a convention a few years before. The strip was like The Twilight Zone, but for kids, it was called ‘The Strange, Strange World of Weird’, that pretty much led into every drawing job I’ve had since.

How did the Phoenix gig come about?: Luckily for me, The Phoenix was put together by the same team who created The DFC, so I was already on their radar. Most of us former DFC creators were asked if we had any new ideas we’d like to pitch to The Phoenix, after a few tries my strip Sky Drifters, about a puffin called Tod who rides a flying cloud, was given the thumbs up and I’ve been working with them ever since!

What was it like working with those powerhouses of comics, the Etherington Brothers?: We’ve collaborated on a few occasions now and each time has been a complete joy! We met at a convention and became mates a looong time ago, a couple of years before any of us were even published in comics in fact. Working with those guys is just getting to work with pals- pals who happen to be intimidatingly.

What are you currently working on?: Right now I’m drawing a new fantasy epic for The Phoenix called Legacy, it’s all magic, spectacle and over-the-top action, so basically everything I love about drawing comics! Tom Fickling is writing that one, it’ll be launching in Summer 2018 and we’re pretty excited about it! I’ve also been drawing monsters every week for the Know Your Monster section of the comic, which is brilliant fun.

What will you have for us in October?: I’ll have issues of The Phoenix containing our new series Legacy as well as issues of my self-published series Monstrosity. Monstrosity is an action/horror/comedy series about a guy called Daigo who finds himself stuck with a demonic arm, this puts him at the centre of a war between a clan of demon-hunting ninja and a twisted street gang, with only his hapless (and slightly idiotic) pal Joe on his side.

Make sure to stop by Zak’s table and give him a great welcome to Nottingham!