1363365_origA New guest!! She has worked on 2000AD, Rok of the Reds, as well as Angry Birds and her own creation Imaginary Gumbo. Please Welcome Abby Bulmer to NCC!

How did you get into drawing comics?
I’ve always loved comics since I was a kid, and after I finished an illustration course at university I was lucky enough to be asked to help with artwork for a new Ninja Turtles magazine. From there I ended up doing spot illustrations and colouring for various kids magazines.

8414594_origYou’ve worked on Rok of the Reds and 2000AD properties among others, how did your colouring jobs come about and which have you had most fun on?
I was very lucky to get into colouring, Richard Elson wanted some help on Kingdom and asked me if I was up for giving it a go. Though we’re friends it was still a bit of a dream come true! I grew up on his artwork in several of the kids comics I read. After that I ended up doing more bits and pieces for Matt Smith here and there. All of the 2000AD work has been fun as it’s so different from my own personal style. I’m very cartoony myself, but in 2000AD I get to step out of my comfort zone and work with these great artists on gritty scifi stuff.

I’m still a little in shock over getting onto Rok though, it’s been a blast to colour. I love Dan’s artwork for it so much!


Tell us a little more about Imaginary Gumbo.
Imaginary Gumbo is an all-ages project that my husband and I have been playing about with for a few years, we released a few minicomics to see if people liked the characters and the response was great! It’s about a little girl called Charlie Hodges and her scary giant knight Gumbo and their adventures. We’ve just started working on the main story of the comic properly so later this year people will finally see how they came to be friends.

What can we expect to see from you at NCC?
I’ll have our Imaginary Gumbo minicomics, copies of Rok of the Reds, art prints and if my schedule goes well, #1 of Imaginary Gumbo!

Make sure you pick up a book or two from Abby in October! Have you got your tickets yet? GO HERE NOW, remember £1 of every standard ticket will go to our chosen charities!